Meet the Chefs

Eva Papayiannis (Eva’s Videos)

Hello! My name is Eva. I was born in Greece, in village called Milia, but I have lived in Canada since I was 14 years old when I immigrated here with my brothers. God has blessed me with two beautiful children and although they are grown up now I can still remember holding them as babies. I’ve always enjoyed cooking for my family, and especially making the same foods my mother taught me to make in Greece. No matter how stressful life gets we always find time to sit down together as a family and enjoy a warm meal. I always try to give my family healthy meals, but I also want my children to remember their culture and learn about their history. I hope you enjoy my recipes.

McMaster Graduation

Dipali Kapadia (Dipali’s Videos) (Follow Dipali on Twitter)

Hello there, my name is Dipali Kapadia and I guess you can consider me to be a budding chef! I have been lucky enough to have grown up with a mother who loves to cook, so I have learned a lot just by watching her. One interesting thing I have noticed about cooking is, it is all in the scent. You can always know if a dish is missing something or on the contrary, is just right, by its aroma – the connection between taste and smell at its finest. I do hope you enjoy watching the videos and take some time to try out all the recipes yourself. Happy Cooking!


Irene Mina (Irene’s Videos)

Hello! My name is Irene and I immigrated to Canada from Mytilini, Lesvos when I was only 20 years old. I came to Canada with just one suitcase of clothes, very little money and absolutely no knowledge of the English language. It was a very difficult life, but through hard work and sacrifice I was able to provide my children with all the things I wasn’t able to have in Greece. My husband and I had our own business for decades and it was difficult to work full-time and be with my children. I always wished I could spend more time with them, so when it was a special holiday like Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving I would always spend days preparing amazing meals for my family, something that they would remember and cherish. It was with these meals that I wanted to teach my children about their culture but also show them how much I loved them. The meals I make for my family today are the same meals I learned to make as a young girl in Greece. I hope you enjoy my recipes!


Gina Costantino (Gina’s Videos)

Hello! My name is Gina and I’ve always loved to cook, especially the Italian dishes my grandparents used to make. As a young girl I used to spend summers with my nonna who taught me how to make Italian cookies, homemade pasta, and other treats. Growing up in an Italian-Canadian household, I learned to appreciate the importance of food. Food brings people together, it brings us comfort, and it helps us express our love for each other. In addition to my nonna’s recipes, I also really enjoy learning new recipes and experimenting with new ingredients and techniques. I hope you enjoy my recipes!


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