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I’m a 27 year old graduate student eager to learn my mother’s yummy Greek recipes. Luckily I’m surrounded by women (and men) who are not only experts in the kitchen but are eager to share their wealth of knowledge with anyone and everyone willing to learn. This site was created as a way of teaching and preserving family recipes, but my hope is that this site might also serve to promote a dialogue within families over issues of food, ritual, symbolism, and culture. As a daughter of immigrant parents I’ve grown up listening to stories of what life was like ‘back home.’ Food was always a central them in these stories. My mom tells me stories of grueling hard labour, especially her memories of picking olives as a young girl in Mytilini and later trying to stretch limited resources in order to provide meals for her family. My father grew up quite poor in Cyprus and often relates stories of hunger as a young boy – a hunger so powerful he would sometimes walk a few miles from his home to his godmother’s house in order to have something to eat. Although food was often central in stories of hardship and scarcity, food was also significant in stories of joy and family togetherness. I hope to have a family of my own sometime soon and it would be wonderful if I could share with them what I had growing up.


George is the computer brains of this operation. Really, without him this site would not be possible. George is also a second generation Greek Canadian who could gain to benefit from some lessons in the kitchen. George has learned a lot about Greek food and has acquired a new appreciation of the work that goes into creating classic dishes. He is very much interested in wines and will soon be posting videos on how to make wine.

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