Welcome to Thursday for Dinner, a site dedicated to preserving family recipes. The creators of this site are second generation Greek Canadians who hope to learn the much-loved family recipes which have been passed down from generation to generation. As Canadian born children of Greek immigrants, we’ve grown up on a steady diet of Greek – as well as ‘Canadian’ food – yet as adults in our mid-20s we find ourselves at times a bit lost in the kitchen. Sure, we can scramble eggs and even wipe up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, but we all long for the wonderful meals our mothers used to prepare for us: the moussaka, tyropita, keftedes, and karidopita of our childhoods. We want to be able to share these meals with our own future children so that they might also experience what we’ve experienced: memories of roasted lamb on Easter, Vasilopita on New Years, and even a delicious bowl of fakes on any old Thursday evening.

This site is our way of learning and making accessible our family recipes. Every week we will post a new recipe along with an instructional video featuring one of our family members or friends preparing a dish. We invite everyone to try the recipes themselves and post any comments they wish to share. Very shortly we plan to upgrade this site into a more interactive format which will allow all of you to also post your own recipes. This site is not just for Greek recipes though; we invite everyone from every cultural group to seek out family recipes and post them here.

Food is such an important part of our lives. Not only does it provide us with physical substance, but it also nourishes us emotionally, and keeps us connected with our families and our culture. It reminds us of home and helps us create a sense of belonging. This site is a way for us to connect with our past and to reinvent ourselves as Greek Canadians. We hope you will enjoy the site and check in each week for new recipes.

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